Quite often, a lot of profit can be derived from the dealer’s mistakes, and in this article we will comprehensively consider this issue. Do you know when dealers make mistakes more often? Perhaps it is the knowledge acquired on our site that will allow you to choose the most successful place to play in a gambling establishment.

When do croupiers make mistakes more often?

We are all human and we all tend to get tired, therefore, the most unfavorable time for a online slot games singapore casino is when the croupier is already completing his shift or is just starting it. At the start, the croupier does not always adjust to his working mood, and at the end of the shift the dealer experiences elementary human fatigue, which, in turn, gets chances for mistakes.

Most gambling establishments in Europe and the United States use new decks for each game (or they change after a certain time period). This is justified if the game is to be played with plastic cards. The new deck, made of plastic, is very slippery, therefore, novice croupiers handle cards rather ineptly.

But in some casinos, cards are changed less often and they use cardboard products. Even if the cards here are already starting to stick together and you are the only one who noticed this – do not demand replacement of cards, since the dealer’s work becomes more complicated and, as a result, his chances of making a mistake increase.


Interacting with the dealer

Each of us has a comfort zone and, creating a zone of comfortable play for ourselves, try, if possible, to deprive the dealer of it. Do not let him count in an atmosphere that is comfortable for him, actively distract him with questions on various topics that will require minimal involvement and distraction. A very popular question concerns the calculation of a large payment at some very “inconvenient” rate. But everything, as they say, is good in moderation, therefore, too active distraction will cause big questions in the security service.

A simple psychological moment – chips of different denominations. Suppose you are going to bet a very large amount, use different denominations for this, placing the smallest chip on top – in this way, you will force the dealer to do some additional calculations in his head.

Today it is already quite rare, but before the croupiers bought such a bluff. The situation is as follows – you and the dealer have the same number of points (or, perhaps, even you have 1 point less). Do not show any signs of concern, nod approvingly – perhaps, in this case, it will be possible to provoke the dealer into a mistake, who, faced with your approving reaction, will think that you have won.

Simple psychology

No matter how reliable the security service is, no matter what technological equipment is used in a ace96 sgd casino gambling establishment, no one cancels the human factor. Convince the dealer that you have won, even if you are not lucky. There are many precedents when dealers paid for losing combinations only on the grounds that a player behaves akin to the winner, triumphantly throwing his hand up and sincerely rejoicing in his “victory”.

Especially cunning pros do not hesitate to emit not very pleasant smells – the pungent smell of, say, onions from the mouth will quickly discourage the dealer from paying extra attention to your boxing. However, it does not always work.

In modern casinos, it is customary to use cut cards in shoes. So, if the cut card was not inserted into the deck and remained outside the shoe, you should not rush to remind of this annoying omission. The croupier himself may not notice the mistake, but you, in turn, will play a full deck, which, with the ability to count cards, is very good.


Mistakes made by the dealer are not your constant tool, and provoking the dealer to make mistakes is not part of the strategy. But no one will forbid you to use them on occasion.

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