In some games of chance, the ability to guess the opponent can give a huge advantage to the player. Subtle changes in facial features, as well as the changed behavior of the opponent can give you, if not a complete picture, then immodest hints of what cards the enemy is hiding from you. Such an advantage can be skillfully obtained in poker. But even in those gambling games that gambling establishments practice, skills of this kind may well play an excellent service for you.

How to get a handle on a dealer?

Another game in which the dealer’s behavior can give you an idea of ​​what cards are in the dealer’s hands is blackjack. In some of its variations, the dealer gives himself 2 cards, revealing one of them. Further, the situation develops in the following way: if the face-up card is an ace or its face value is 10 points, in this case the employee of the gambling establishment checks the face-down card in order to find out if he got blackjack.

Let’s emphasize that people who are called tight players who can read opponents are well versed in psychology and use the slightest changes in the opponent’s behavior to their advantage. Often, professional poker players become profitable blackjack players, because they have everything they need for this – the ability to analyze the opponent’s actions, the ability to memorize and mark movements.

And even hoods, dark glasses and caps that hide half of the face will not be able to save a person who does not know how to hide his emotions from the penetrating gaze of a pro. Yes, of course, in blackjack the dealer represents the interests of the casino and does not risk his money, however, it is still possible to make the most of this situation.

A little practice

To begin with, it is worth noting that using the croupier’s weaknesses, you do not engage in fraud – the gambling establishment does not interfere with the “reading” of your opponent, since you do not break the rules. Using this skill, you act honestly and legally, because if the dealer does not know how to do his job efficiently, the player is not at all to blame.

Few recommendations. So, if the dealer’s face-down card has a small value, then, in this case, it has to be bent more – thus, the dealer is convinced that he received the wrong ace. This is relevant for the four, since this number is very similar to the classic letter “A” – the symbol of the ace.

And if the dealer comes an ace, he will do everything to fully make sure of this and this rule is relevant not only for young professionals, but also for experienced dealers. Dealers who do not have much experience will count the number of symbols on the cards.

How do you succeed?

Be prepared for the fact that you will not be able to predict the dealer’s cards in all cases, and sometimes you will not succeed at all. Each person is different and what you took for a hint may be an individual skill of a casino employee. In addition, before “reading” the dealer, you need to watch him closely in order to identify the interval during which he looks at certain cards. If the dealer spends a different amount of time looking at cards of different denominations, and also bends cards at different angles, this is your client.

Observation and observation again, your main task is to determine how the dealer reacts to certain cards. Note for yourself all the oddities in the behavior of a casino employee, absolutely any, even the most insignificant changes in facial expressions and gestures, and correlate all this with the cards that the dealer receives.

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