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Nowadays, why gambling is becoming an issue throughout the world? But to explain this there are many reasons behind it. Initially, one should know what is online gambling? It is defined as keeping the money or any property as assurance for ambiguous output. This is also known as internet gambling. 

Many people are involving in this type of works at present. It is enriching due to new technologies. Some examples are sports betting, casinos, poker, horse riding, lotteries, etc. The one online gambling game which is very much played by people is situs poker online and people around the world are obsessed with this game. 


Entry Of Online Gambling:

The first online gambling was held in 1994. And this software was developed by using Microgaming. It was secured by cryptologic, an online software company. They started very successfully and this came into existence in 1994. This is an attempt to make this field transparent. It became a trend in the 1990s. It was initiated with 15 websites in 1996 but by the next year, it increased to 200 websites. In 1998, it was exceeded alone. In the same year, poker rooms were introduced.

  • In 1999, the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act was introduced.
  • In the same year, multiplayer betting had started.
  • In 2000, the Internet Gambling Moratorium Act was passed by the Australian government.
  • By 2001, several people had started playing.

Ban on credit card gambling does not go far enough to stop addicts racking  up huge debts, say campaigners | The Independent | Independent

Types Of Online Gambling

  1. ONLINE POKER is an online game in which many players have participated around the world. It was the first game in this field which has started in the Philippines. It is a legal game in some of the countries like the United Nations. The Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill had passed by the Australian lawmakers in 2016.
  2. CASINO is one of the famous games. It can also be called a virtual casino or internet casino. The flash casino can be played by the users without installing the respective software. And some casinos are HTML based.
  3. SPORTS BETTING at sport betting malaysia : It is a type of game in which predicting the game which will happen. And keeping money or ornaments and any type of properties on them for unsure results. 
  4. LOTTERIES: In this, some people will participate and they will give the names then they mix all the names pick one name. They announce the prize money. If it is conducted by the government and they will give priority to them. 

And there is much gambling that is present around the world. And I have discussed some of them.


Due to virtual games, one can’t trace out the aim of the person who created that site. But some casinos which are played physically can easily trace out them and handover those people to the police. To encourage them. In televisions also people are seeing many advertisements relating to this online gambling. So one should not encourage online gambling. As online gambling reached every corner of the world situs poker online is the one game that made the most number of users

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